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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

Many Lives Intertwined  by Hyun Sook Han    Tale of how the author's childhood experiences during the Korean War motivated her to publicly adopt in Korea at a time when adoptions were kept secret and later to become a U.S. social worker for the Children's Home Society of Minnesota.

Marginality: The Key to Multicultural Theology  by Jung Young Lee   

May the Circle Be Unbroken: An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption  by Lynn C. Franklin and Elizabeth Ferber   Franklin is the mother of a now 27-year-old son, whom she gave up for adoption at birth and with whom she has recently been reunited. Her story and the stories of scores of other birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adopted children are shared in this book.

Meditations for Adoptive Parents  by Vernell Klassen Miller   Thirty days of scripture and Christian thoughts for those who have built their families through adoption.

Memoirs of a Ghost Brother  by Heinz Insu Fenkl    Autobiographical first novel told from the point of view of a young Amerasian boy, the son of a ``yellow-haired'' German-American GI and his Korean wife. Young Insu grows up in Inchon in a house that was owned by a Japanese colonel during WW II. Torn between two cultures, he is comfortable in neither.

Millions of Snowflakes  by Mary McKenna Siddals   As snow begins to fall, an Asian child counts the flakes, enjoying every one.

Minji's Salon  by Eun-hee Choung    Story of a young girl's creative play when she accompanies her mother to the salon.

Molly By Any Other Name  by Jean Davies Okimoto    Tells the story of an Asian girl faced with the opportunity of meeting her birthmother.

Mr. Pak Buys A Story  by Carol Farley    The unusual story that a wealthy couple's servant buys from a thief proves to be well worth the price.

My Freedom Trip  by Frances Park and Ginger Park   Tells the true story of the [author's] mother's childhood escape from North Korea.

My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store  by Ben Ryder Howe   A writer finds himself increasingly drawn into the store he and his Korean wife purchase for her parents.

My Love, My Country  by Lee Hee-Ho (wife of Korean president, Kim Dae-Jung)    Shares details about the family's years spent at the mercy of successive dictators and how their Christian faith helped them to persevere.

My Name is Yoon  by Helen Recorvits   Story of a young Korean-American immigrant who is having trouble adjusting to life in the United States.

Native Speaker  by Chang-Rae Lee    Korean-American Henry Park is forever uncertain of his place, a perpetual outsider looking at American culture from a distance. As a man of two worlds, he is beginning to fear that he has betrayed both -- and belongs to neither. While this book raises some controversy as to whether it truly represents the "Korean American experience", it is praised for its writing.

Necessary Roughness  by Marie G. Lee    Sixteen-year-old Korean American Chan moves from Los Angeles to a small town in Minnesota, where he must cope not only with racism on the football team but also with the tensions in his relationship with his strict father.

Never Never Never Will She Stop Loving You  by Jolene Durrant   Tells the story of Annie, a birthmother who places her baby for adoption. Helps children know both their new family and their birth parents love them.

New Cat  by Yangsook Choi   The story of Mr. Kim, an immigrant from Korea who owns a tofu factory in the Bronx, and his best friend, New Cat, who saves the factory from destruction.

New Clothes for New Year's Day  by Hyun-Joo Bae    A young girl dresses in her new clothes to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

No Red Monsters Allowed  published by Sesame Street/Golden Book    A blue monster does not want to play with Elmo because he is a different color, until her friends help her understand that he can still be their friend and even share new things with them. May be out of print but available through the library system.

Notes on Things Korean  by Suzanne Crowder Han   Over 150 entries on beliefs and customs, arts, music, dance, language, historic figures, famous places, sports, and more.