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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

Tales of a Korean Grandma  by Frances Carpenter    Thirty-two folktales told against the background, past and present, of the Kim family.

Talking with Young Children about Adoption  by Mary Watkins, Ph.D. and Susan Fisher, M.D   Good reference for those who need empirical data and sound psychology to really feel they have a balanced perspective on the topic of what kids understand about adoption. One of the most useful pieces for teachers may be the actual transcripts of conversations with children ages 1-9 through 10-16.

Tall Boy's Journey  by Joanna Halper Krauss   When Kim Moo Yong, an eight-year-old Korean orphan, is adopted by an American couple and makes a long journey to their house, he finds it a strange and terrifying experience until he begins to adjust.

Tap Dancing on the Roof  by Linda Sue Park   A book of a certain style of Korean poetry (sijo), including sijo history and tips for writing your own sijo poems. Aimed at elementary and teens.

Tell Me a Real Adoption Story  by Betty Jean Lifton   Daughter dismisses fantasy adoption story in favor of the true details of her life.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born  by Jamie Lee Curtis   Actress and adoptive mother tells daughter the story of how she came to be their child.

Ten Thousand Sorrows : The Extraordinary Journey of a Korean War Orphan  by Elizabeth Kim    The child of an illicit union between a Korean mother and an American father, Kim grows up the object of disgust and contempt in rural Korea. After her mother's killing, she survives adoption by strict fundamentalist parents in the US, an abusive arranged marriage, and more.

The Accidental Asian  by Eric Liu    An Asian-American man talks about his experiences in society.

The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories  by Susan Wadia-Ells    Eye-opening collection of essays. Covers broad range of circumstances in a frank manner and increases one's awareness of the multitude of issues at play in adoption.

The Adoption Resource Book  by Lois Gilman   Covers all aspects of adoption, from learning the basics through preparing for your child and raising an adopted child. Includes checklists and an annotated bibliography.

The Beauty of Korea  by Suh Jai-sik for Hollym Publications   An incredibly beautiful collection of photographs of Korea, with some accompanying text.

The Best Older Sister  by Sook Nyul Choi    Sunhi is unsettled by the family's focus on her baby brother, but, as his first birthday approaches, her wise grandmother helps her appreciate her role as big sister.

The Best Winds  by Laura E. Williams   A modern Korean-American boy must adjust to the new presence of his traditional grandfather in his home and life. The patient old man teaches his grandson the ancient craft of kite-making.

The Calligrapher's Daughter  by Eugenia Kim    Inspired by the life of the author's mother, a tale of a young woman who dares to fight for a brighter future in Japanese-occupied Korea.

The Chinese Mirror  by Mirra Ginsburg   A retelling of a traditional Korean tale in which a mirror brought from China causes confusion within a family as each member looks into it and sees a different stranger.

The Coffee Can Kid  by Jan Czech    A coffee can in Annie's kitchen holds the picture of a newborn and a mother's letter...and helps tell Annie's favorite story of a baby born in a faraway country.

The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War  by David Halberstam   A popular author researches and explains the political decisions and miscalculations of both sides of the Korean War, bringing the story to life through the personal stories of soldiers on the front lines.

The Complete Lifebook Workbook  by Jim Mooney, MSW   Hundreds of sections of text and fill-in-the-blank forms are provided to cover each individual situation. Kids cut and paste appropriate parts to create their own personalized book.

The Dance of Identities: Korean Adoptees and Their Journey Toward Empowerment  by John D Palmer   

The Day We Met You  by Phoebe Koehler    Short, simple story that shares parent's excited preparation for the arrival of their adopted child. Pastel crayon illustrations. (escort story)