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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

The Rabbit's Judgment  by Suzanne Crowder Han    Tricked into freeing a hungry tiger from a trap, a man refuses to let the tiger eat him until they get another opinion on the situation from a disinterested party.

The Rabbit's Tail  by Suzanne Crowder Han   Tiger is afraid of being eaten by a fearsome dried persimmon. When Rabbit tries to convince him he's wrong, Rabbit loses his tail.

The Red Queen  by Margaret Drabble   A British scholar receives a two-hundred year old memoir written by a Korean crown princess as she prepares for a trip to Seoul. Once there, she meets a man who offers to guide her to some of the haunts of the Crown Princess Hyegyong. As she explores, the scholar begins to feel a strong affinity for everything related to the princess and her mysterious life. After a brief, intense, and ill-fated love affair, she returns to London. Is she ensnared by the events of the past week, of the past two hundred years, or will she pick up her life where she left it?

The Royal Bee  by Frances Park and Ginger Park    Inspired by the young life of the authors' grandfather, this is the story of an impoverished boy who boldly listens outside the door of an elite academy, eventually earning a position in the class and a winning place in the Royal Bee.

The Scariest Place in the World: A Marine Returns to North Korea  by James Brady   

The Secrets of Inchon: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert Mission of the Korean War  by Commander Eugene Franklin Clark, USN   

The Seed from the East  by Bertha Holt    This book is by the wife of Harry Holt, founder of Holt International, regarding the formation of the agency and their family.

The Snake Stone  by Berlie Doherty   Story of fifteen-year-old James coming to terms with his adoption, including a search for information on his birth history and family.

The Story of Salmunori: A Fairy Tale for Children  by Dong-won Kim   A dream-like telling of the beginnings of salmunori, a type of traditional Korean drumming. Includes a CD with the images and audio for the story as well as a performance.

The Surrendered  by Chang-Rae Lee   A girl who escapes Korea during the war returns thirty years later to confront the secrets of her past, joined by the rough man who saved her.

The Trip Back Home  by Janet S. Wong   A young girl and her mother travel to Korea to visit their extended family, who finds special ways to share the presents they are given.

The Two Koreas  by Don Oberdorfer   

The Unforgotten War  by Thomas Park Clement   Author tells of his childhood in Korea during the Korean war and of his adoption by American parents.

The Unforgotten War: Dust of the Streets  by Thomas Park Clement   Autobiography of a half and half Korean boy born in the middle of the Korean War who was found at age 5 on the streets of Seoul and adopted into the U.S, eventually growing up to be a medical device inventor with over two dozen U.S. medical patents.

The Watcher of Waipuna and Other Stories  by Gary Pak    Collection of short stories about the author's life in Hawaii.

The Whole Life Adoption Book  by Jayne E. Schooler    Deals with attachment, adjustment and identity issues.

The World is Bigger Now: An American Journalist's Release from Captivity in North Korea  by Euna Lee with Lisa Dickey   

Things Korean  by O-Young Lee (Lee O-Young)   A delightful look at culture and its symbols.

Things Little Kids Need to Know  by Susan Uhling   Helps children look forward to a new sibling who is joining the family through adoption.

This Burns My Heart  by Samuel Park    Based on his mother's life, the author writes of a woman who feels the restrictions of Confucian traditions and struggles with life in an ill-advised marriage.