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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

This is Me.      Removable pages allow you to tailor the book to child's unique situation. Appropriate for older children as well. All areas of a "regular" life/baby book are covered, but with the idea in mind that your child came to your family in a special way. Can be customized for any country.

This Many Miles from Desire  by Lee Herrick    Poems reflecting the writer's quest to understand his place in the world.

This Next New Year  by Janet S. Wong, ill. by Yangsook Choi    A Chinese-Korean boy tells his friends about how his family prepares and celebrates the new year, with the others then sharing their traditions as well.

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies  by Ann Turner    For younger reader, this book details a little boy's flight through the night skies from Korea to his new home, where he is scared but recognizes things from pictures his parents sent him. (also available as video).

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof!: Tooth Traditions from Around the World  by Selby Beeler    Title of this fun little book is self-explanatory; Koreans are among the "roof-throwers".

Tigers, Frogs, and Rice Cakes  by Daniel D. Holt   Collection of 20 proverbs that all focus on a significant folk symbol or belief held deeply by Koreans.

Till There Was You: An Adoption Expectancy Journal  by Rebecca Lyn Gold    Includes space to record memories as well as thought-provoking passages from adoptive parents and therapist's insights for each stage of an "adoption pregnancy".

Time for Korean  Inshil Choe Yoon    This two volume set is an excellent program for teaching the Korean language to kids.

To Dream of Pigs: Travels in South and North Korea  by Clive Leatherdale   

To Swim Across the World  by Frances Park and Ginger Park    A family story retold as fiction by two sisters of the childhood and chance meeting of their parents, a young man from rural South Korea and a daughter of a prominent North Korean family, whose lives become intertwined when she escapes to the south. Takes place during the Japanese occupation, the Korean War, and beyond.

Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft  by Mary Hopkins-Best   

Together Forever  by Sara L.F. Barris and Doryce Penn Seltzer   Coloring book that teaches children about adoption through a simple, touching story.

Tongue  by Kyung Ran Jo    Emotionally raw and sexually charged, Tongue is the story of the demise of an obsessive romance and a young chef's gourmet journey toward self-restoration and revenge.

Traditional Korean Designs  by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh    Over 140 florals, abstracts, animals studies and other motifs derived from paintings, furniture, metalwork, ceramic vessels, textiles, tiles, and other objects that are part of Korea's heritage.

Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home  by Kim Sunee    A writer and chef who is also a Korean-born adoptee chronicles her life and search for home. Many recipes included.

Trans World Adoption Organizer  by Adopt Shoppe    This system provides a way to organize, store, and transport adoption paperwork. Includes sample copies of current government forms, web resources, and checklists.

Translations of Beauty  by Mia Yun    Twin sisters, one disfigured in an accident, emigrate from Korea to the United States with their parents. As adults, one sister seeks to find the other, who has moved to Italy, and bring her back into the family fold.

Transracial Parenting in Foster Care and Adoption: Strengthening Your Bicultural Family  by The Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parents Association   

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew  by Sherrie Eldridge    Many books have addressed problems in adoption, but Eldridge tackles the real villain: unresolved loss and grief issues and the trauma that precedes all adoptions.

Twice Born: Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter  by Betty Jean Lifton