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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

A Ghost at Heart's Edge  by Susan Ito and Tina Cervin (editors)    Fifty short stories and poems reveal the sometimes heartbreaking, often affirming tales of adoption. Written from the point of view of birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees, this unique anthology spans nations and cultures. Includes authors Alison Lurie, Isabel Allende, Sandra McPherson, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Louise Erdrich, Chitra Divakaruni, and Lynna Williams.

Because I Loved You: A Birthmother's View of Open Adoption  by Patricia Dischler    Memoir written by a birthmother who chose open adoption for her son in 1985.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby  by Kathleen Silber and Phyllis Speedlin   Collection of letters between birthparents and adoptive parents . . . people who share a unique connection -- a child.

Did My First Mother Love Me?  by Kathryn Ann Miller   Mother reads birthmother's letter to reassure child. Includes detailed section for parents/ adults at end of book.

I Wish for You a Beautiful Life  by Sara Dorow    Compilation of letters from birthmothers at Ae Ran Won, a home for unwed mothers in Seoul.

Lucky Girl  by Me-Ling Hopgood    Mei-Ling has no interest in her Chinese roots...and then her birth family comes calling.

May the Circle Be Unbroken: An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption  by Lynn C. Franklin and Elizabeth Ferber   Franklin is the mother of a now 27-year-old son, whom she gave up for adoption at birth and with whom she has recently been reunited. Her story and the stories of scores of other birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adopted children are shared in this book.

Molly By Any Other Name  by Jean Davies Okimoto    Tells the story of an Asian girl faced with the opportunity of meeting her birthmother.

Never Never Never Will She Stop Loving You  by Jolene Durrant   Tells the story of Annie, a birthmother who places her baby for adoption. Helps children know both their new family and their birth parents love them.

One Wonderful You  by Francie Portnoy   Feel-good book for adoptive child helps them incorporate two family legacies into one self-definition. Shows how the child is a blend of two families: the physical traits and many of the personality traits that come from the birth family, plus the nurturing contributions of the adoptive family.

Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers' Stories  by Mary Martin Mason   Seventeen men - including a Korean one - share poignant stories and feelings about their biological children for whom adoption plans were made.

Perspectives on a Grafted Tree: Thoughts for Those Touched by Adoption  edited by Patricia Irwin Johnston    Poems by adoptees, birthparents, members of adoptive families, adoption professionals, and others.

Princess June  by Veronica Lee   Story of a Korean woman who suffers a tough early life (including abuse), relinquishes her illegitimate Amerasian baby for adoption, and eventually escapes the grip of her family's control to be who she wants to be.

Songs of My Families  by Kelly Fern   Memoir of a woman who spends the first five years of her life in Korea before being adopted by a Minnesota couple. At age nineteen, she relinquishes a child of her own to adoption. Years later, her husband helps her to reunite with both her Korean family and the daughter to whom she said goodbye.

The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories  by Susan Wadia-Ells    Eye-opening collection of essays. Covers broad range of circumstances in a frank manner and increases one's awareness of the multitude of issues at play in adoption.

The Face in the Mirror  by Marion Crook   Based on interviews with adopted teens, adoptive parents, and birthparents, this book focuses on the additional struggle adopted teens may face when discovering their identity and sense of belonging

The Lucky Gourd Shop  by Joanna Catherine Scott    Three adopted Korean teenagers seek to find out about their birthmother. They discover the story of the strong and lovely Mi Sook, who was abandoned at birth, reared in the storage room of a Seoul coffee shop and who becomes the mistress (and later the wife) of a poor construction worker obsessed, like so many Korean men, with having ''a flock of sons.''

The Snake Stone  by Berlie Doherty   Story of fifteen-year-old James coming to terms with his adoption, including a search for information on his birth history and family.