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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

Adopted and Loved Forever  by Annetta E. Dellinger   This Concordia-published book features an Asian girl who describes what it means to be adopted. Emphasizes that parents of adopted children chose them, love them, and will never leave them. Includes several scriptural references.

Adopted and Wondering: Drawing Out Feelings  by Marge Eaton Heegaard   

Adopted from Asia: How It Feels to Grow Up in America  by Frances M. Koh    Collection of rich personal stories of eleven adopted Korean-born children.

Adoption is For Always  by Linda Walvoord Girard   Parents reassure Celia that she is a permanent part of their family. Black and white sketches.

Advice for Adopted Kids  by Ann Fredkove   Written by a nine-year-old Korean-American girl, this is her story of what it is like to be adopted . . . including advice.

All about Me  by Lynn Burwash and Cie McMullin    Provides opportunities for parents and young children to have frank, meaningful discussions about can participate by drawing and/ or filling in the blanks using their own washable crayons and markers.

Allison  by Allen Say   A red kimono triggers realization that Allison does not look like her parents. She is upset but works through her feelings with the help of a stray cat.

Beginnings: How Families Came to Be  by Virginia Kroll    Tells story of six children and how they came to join their families - including an adopted Korean girl.

Blessings From Above  by Patti Henderson    Momma-Roo longs for a baby to fill her empty pouch. Her dream comes true, but not in the way she expects...written by adoptive mom and illustrated by adoptee with a Christian perspective.

Carolyn's Story  by Perry Schwartz   True story of nine-year-old girl born in Honduras and then adopted by US parents. Written in her voice with lots of photos.

Chesi's Story: One Boy's Long Journey from War to Peace  by Link S. White   Story of a pre-teen boy taken in by the American Military and made a mascot during the Korean War who is ultimately adopted and immigrates to the United States.

Chinese Eyes  by Marjorie Ann Waybill    An elementary-age girl, adopted from Korea, deals with prejudice at school with the support of her parents.

Did My First Mother Love Me?  by Kathryn Ann Miller   Mother reads birthmother's letter to reassure child. Includes detailed section for parents/ adults at end of book.

Families  by Meredith Tax    Six-year-old girl of divorced parents talks about the different types of families she and her friends have . . . including an adopted cousin, single parents, neighbors without children, relationships with pets. Black and white engaging cartoon drawings.

Families are Different  by Nina Pellegrini    Nico, adopted from Korea, hates looking different from her parents. Then her mom explains that there are many types of families, every one of them glued together with love.

Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers: a Collection of Family Poems  by Mary Ann Hoberman   

Filling in the Blanks: A Guided Look at Growing Up Adopted  by Susan Gabel, M.Ed    Lifebook/ workbook for older children, to be used as a tool to help them learn about being adopted. Sections include: My Birth Family, My Adoption Process, My Adoptive Family, and Myself.

Forever Fingerprints  by Sherrie Eldridge   Lucie's aunt and uncle are having a baby, which makes Lucie wonder about her birth mother and what it was like before she was born.

Growing Up Adopted  by Maxine R. Rosenberg   Fourteen adoptees of various ages describe their perspectives.

Happy Adoption Day!  lyrics by John McCutcheon    To be read or sung, this book celebrates the annual anniversary day of an adopted child's joining of the family.